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Harris, Greene LLP was originally founded in 1981 by Lee Harris. After four years with National Public Accounting firms, Lee started the firm with several philosophies:


First, to develop a firm of professionals with expertise in accounting and taxes who also think like business owners. Without the ability to combine technical skills with business judgment, practical working solutions would not be delivered to the firm's clients.
Second, as business advisors, develop special relationships with clients so a great deal of individual attention and counsel can be made available. The firm does not operate on volume, hence all partners and professional staff are available for clients to obtain direct access at all times. We are good listeners, are responsive to clients' needs and capable of meeting them.
Third, tailor accounting, tax and consulting services specifically to each client business. Using prior experiences and knowledge of every industry and client ever serviced by a member of Harris, Greene LLP, we are able to develop and design financial statement formats, respond to client inquiries and requests, and give consulting advice based upon a broad range of backgrounds.
Fourth, use our combined expertise during every stage of our clients' development. In today's complex business environment, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to internally address all areas effectively. Engaging a certified public accountant to balance end of month ledgers, answer a few perfunctory questions, and file tax returns is not enough anymore. We are professionals that will respond immediately to client requests or problems with satisfactory solutions, reducing their anxiety and guiding them through the maze of today's business world.

The firm services businesses covering retailers, wholesale distributors, manufacturing entities, real estate development companies, fast food franchised restaurants, law firms, real estate investment and management companies, professional medical practices and trusts. The firm also represents individuals with high income and net worth positions.

In addition, the partners of the firm expend a significant amount of time on consulting arrangements related to fiduciary and trust situations, litigation matters, estate and retirement planning, and the analysis and management of real estate portfolios.

Entrepreneurial business owners and highly compensated individuals are innovative by nature. They are always looking for new ways to streamline their operations, expand their share of the market, branch into new areas, and increase their market value.

We have always displayed the ability to parallel and complement our clients' abilities by using our intuitive capabilities to learn their business, interpret and analyze their financial positions, and respond as catalysts to implement action.

We deal with our clients on a different plane than most professionals. In today's business climate, we believe the role of a certified public accountant has been expanded beyond just delivering technical advice. We are goal oriented, visionaries and conceptual thinkers, we cajole and challenge clients through a "coaching" attitude, and the results have been outstanding.

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